Why You Should Keep Chemicals Away from Your Drains

January 30, 2020

Why You Should Keep Chemicals Away from Your Drains

So, you think you have a clogged drain. You might be noticing a stench near your drain, your drain may be slow to drain or may not drain at all, and you may even hear you drain gurgle. Ah, the conventional signs of a plumbing blockage!

In response, you may fly down to the nearest hardware store, plumbing supply shop, or anywhere else you know will sell the product you need to kiss that clog goodbye. You bring home a special cleanser that claims to deter even the most serious clogs – guaranteed. Seems legit, right?

Although chemical drain cleaners can be effective at times, our plumbing technicians here at 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, and Air recommend our clients to avoid the use of chemicals to clean their clogged drain as much as possible.

The Problem with Clearing a Drain Clog with Chemical Products

If drain cleaners have worked for you in the past, you might question why our plumbers are opposed to the use of these products.

Think about it: why do these products often work as they well as they do? The chemicals in drain cleaners are harsh. That’s the benefit as well as the problem. The chemical ingredients in many drain cleaners are so tough that they not only knock out the obstruction in your drain but also have the potential to damage your plumbing in the process. This is truer if you use these products often to resolve frequent, recurring clogs.

As for the chemical cleaners that aren’t as strong and don’t contain any or as many harsh chemicals, these tend to be the least effective products for your plumbing needs, particularly for more severe drain clogs.

We won’t deny the fact that many of these cleaners do as they’re intended. However, we still find it important to spread a word of caution regarding the harms they may entail both on your plumbing pipes as well as to yourself if you get in direct contact with these products.

What About Other Drain Cleaning Tools?

If many drain cleaners are either dangerous to use and/or are ineffective, then what else can you turn to, to clear a nasty drain clog? Drain snakes, drum machines, augers, and water jetters are some popular drain-cleaning tools on the market.

Although these devices, too, can be very effective in clearing an obstructed drain, there are three main problems with using these devices as a non-professional:

  1. Without the expertise of a pro plumber, the user may cause harm to their plumbing system or to themselves.
  2. With little to no first-hand plumbing knowledge and experience, cleaning their own drain with one of these pieces of equipment can be time-consuming and/or completely unsuccessful.
  3. Some of these drain-cleaning tools may not work at all for serious clogs.

We don’t doubt that there are many individuals out there who can tend to their own plumbing problems at home. Although, we have heard dozens of stories from our past clients who have had engaged in failed plumbing DIYs. We have also witnessed physical evidence of improper plumbing work and repairs. That said, your safest option is to have a professional plumber survey your clog and find the best, safest, and most effective solution.

Go the Natural Route! Get $59 Drain Cleaning Service in Cardiff, CA

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