Water Damage

Water Damage

We Make Water Damage Restoration the Priority it Should Be

There is no question that water damage is far from just “annoying” – it can cause significant health issues and huge costs if not taken care of quickly. At 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration we treat this as the emergency situation it is. This is something you need taken care of before wood warps, your carpet is permanently damaged, and other serious issues arise.

We are proud to be skilled in helping our community deal with water damage issues. When you hire our team, you are doing more than hiring a company well-versed in water damage restoration – you are hiring a company that can address any source of the problem that is plumbing related. Call us now at 866-437-0205 and we can get started right away.

The Key is Successfully Mitigate Water Damage

No matter the cause of the water damage, whether from a leaking pipe or a flood, the first thing you should do is 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration. Our goal at that point is to minimize the damage as much as possible. Before we get there, you can take a number of steps to prevent or mitigate the damage:

  • Identify electrical hazards and avoid them.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes.
  • Gather up fans and turn them on, turn on your air conditioning, and open your windows.
  • Put your rugs, cushions, and curtains in a dry, airy place to dry.
  • Gather up everything on tabletops, walls, and the floor. Store them in a dry place.
  • Get rid of as much water as possible with a mop.
  • Wipe off moisture and water from wood surfaces.
  • Use aluminum foil or similar waterproof barriers between wet carpet and furniture legs.

When you call us for help and give us the specifics of your situation, we may be able to offer additional advice you can follow while we are getting to your location.

Our First Steps in the Water Damage Restoration Process

Once we get there, we will get to work right away to assess the water damage. We will use our industrial-grade fans, wet vacuum, pumps, and other equipment to dry all carpet and indoor surfaces. We will pull up carpet and padding as necessary, but will work to salvage as much as we possibly can. To prevent mold growth, we will clean and dehumidify the affected areas.

Next we will look at your personal belongings such as art, furniture, and books to see what can be restored or salvaged. Our goal is to save as much as we can but we will always be honest with you about the best way to deal with any particular belonging.

Further Steps in the Water Damage Restoration Process

After we have done what we can to stop further damage, we will get to work on the more difficult tasks. This includes:

  • Finding the source of the water and determining the true extent of the damage with our moisture detection equipment. There may be water damage in places that you cannot see and this equipment helps us find it so we can provide a comprehensive solution.
  • Further damage mitigation. We will continue to take steps to get everything dried and cleaned up so that damage will be minimized as much as possible.
  • Prevent moisture intrusion. We know how to find water damage and we know how to prevent further water intrusion.
  • Dehumidification and increased ventilation. These are essential steps to prevent mold growth and additional water damage.
  • Final inspection. Once we have completed the initial cleaning, drying, and ventilating, we will do another full inspection to ensure we have gotten to everything.
  • Repairs and restoration. Once the water has been dealt with, we can look at any repairs that may be needed to get your property back to an operable state.

When you’re working with 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration, you can trust that we will be as careful as possible at every step of our process. Our top goal is to protect and save as many of your belongings as possible while also reducing damage to your property.

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