What to Know About Professional Drain Cleaning Services

March 12, 2019

What to Know About Professional Drain Cleaning ServicesBacked-up drains can make it almost impossible to use your sinks, shower or bathtub. This can happen when food, soap, and minerals build up inside of a drain. Generally the clog will be at its worst around the bends and turns in the pipes. Once a drain becomes clogged, you’ll need to have the entirety of the blockage removed. An old method is to create a hole in the blockage. Then, once the movement of water returns, some plumbers will leave the blockage in place. We don’t believe in this method as a clogged drain can easily become an ongoing problem for the customer. When performing drain cleaning in Carlsbad, CA, we work to remove the entire blockage so that water flow is not only restored but there is less chance of this happening again in the near future.


When it comes to your shower or bathtub, you’ll know that your drain is clogged if water is draining slowly or building up during a shower. Unclogging tub drains is something we do many customers. It’s a common area that gets clogged due to hair and soap build up. Our experts know the best tools to use in order unclog a tub drain fast and so that it won’t be a problem again for a long time. We use a mix of plumbing cameras, water jetters, sink machines, locating equipment, and sectional machines to unclog all types of drains.


Kitchen sink clogs can also attract flies. Tiny fruit flies are definitely  an annoyance, but they can also become a health risk once they discover where you keep your food. If you start to notice fruit flies in your house, it’s very possible that they were attracted there by debris in a clogged drain. Another insect  that can be attracted to your home from a clogged drain is the drain fly. These flies are also known as sewer flies or filter flies. They usually breed in drains, septic tanks, and sewers. A clogged drain is a perfect spot for them to live and lay eggs.


Our team is fully licensed and insured. We are able to handle any drain problem or issue you might be experiencing. Our residential customers count on us for all their plumbing needs, including heating, cooling, drain cleaning, and plumbing.  Give us a call at 866-437-0205 to set up a service or get pricing information.


If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning in Carlsbad,CA, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our expert team members will have your drains back in tip-top condition in no time. Our customers appreciate that we provide free quotes and budget friendly pricing, as well as same day or next day service.