What Not to Do After a Vista CA Flood Emergency

June 9, 2020

What Not to Do After a Vista CA Flood Emergency

You often see articles about “What to Do in [Insert Situation Here]”. For instance, “What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies,” “What to Do When You’re Feeling Nauseous,” or “What to Do When the Power Goes Out.” But less often, you see articles about what not to do in certain situations.

As plumbing, flood, and restoration experts, we’d like to share with you a few tips on what not to do after you experience a flood or leak in your home.

DO NOT: Leave the Electricity On and/or Try to Operate Electronics.

One of the worst things anyone could do after a flood or leak is to attempt to see if plugged-in electronic devices like the living room television or office computer still work. Although most people will not attempt this, another thing that people do, do, but shouldn’t, is leave the electricity on in their home after a water-related disaster.

If you can do so without stepping in the water on the way to the fuse box, and if can confirm that all sources of water leaking or pouring have stopped, do turn off the electricity. If you feel unsafe doing so or are unsure how to do it, have an electrician handle the situation.

DO NOT: Clean Up Before Properly Documenting Everything.

Nobody wants their beautiful, hardwood floors permanently damaged, and nobody wants to leave puddles of water sitting around their home. Obviously, many homeowners’ first impressions would be to start cleaning the water up as soon as possible and tossing out damaged goods.

Our advice, though, is to never start this process until you’ve gotten at least some form of documentation – videos, photographs, a combination of both – whatever it takes. Documentation should be thorough and show all damaged areas of the home but does not need to be super long and incredibly extensive. (Although, the more the merrier.)

Nonetheless, you should be safe while you are gathering this visual footage. This documentation will be important when filing a claim to your insurance company.

DO NOT: Hesitate to Get Professional Help.

It’s completely understandable that most homeowners would want to save as much money possible. They may do this by attempting to repair their own malfunctioning toilet, laying their own tile or wood flooring, or even cleaning up the aftermath of a household flood – all on their own without professional help.

However, some things are better with an expert who can quickly yet accurately tend to a flood or leak in a logical and consistent manner. Hiring a company for help isn’t a cop out; it’s a wise decision.

Initially, it might seem like you’re paying more to get a pro to come out and tend to the situation. However, because you’re more likely to have a successful outcome after calling out an expert, in the end, this decision may help you save more money. After all, homeowners often try to troubleshoot issues they have little to no experience with, which sometimes leads to an even more disastrous situation.

We say, when in doubt, let the pros do it. Call 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration in Vista, CA at 866-437-0205. And check out our coupon page for awesome discounts on our services!