What Do I Do About Extensive Mold Damage in My Fallbrook CA Home?

June 5, 2020

What Do I Do About Extensive Mold Damage in My Fallbrook CA Home?

Dealing with water damage is exhausting enough. It’s no fun realizing you have water leaking in your home, having to find the source of the leak, and then having to clean it all up. Frustrating, right? But then add the issue of mold damage into the mix, and you’ve got yourself some even more serious trouble at hand.

The thing with mold growth is that it’s hideous, odorous, damaging to whatever it lives on, and is an all-around health hazard. As expected, the worse the mold is, the more serious the consequences can be. But, you might be thinking, “What really can do done about mold?”

You might wonder if it’s something you can eradicate on your own, if it’s an issue you need to leave to an expert to remove, if you must remove and destroy all objects containing the mold, or even if you can simply live with the mold, acting like it’s not even there.

We know exactly what to do about your mold situation.

Some of the Damage May Be Fixable

If you’re unsure what your next steps are, we’ll make it very simple for you: call 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration. Our team has been thoroughly trained on how to handle any mold situation from mild cases of mold to serious cases of black mold.

We work swiftly to get all traces of mold removed from your property and, of course, track down the source of the water leak or flood, getting that issue resolved as well.

In the event that your mold damage is too extensive to simply remove, and materials in your home must be replaced, we’ll let you know what your next step should be to achieve a healthy, safe, and livable home environment once again. Our entire team has been heavily trained to deal with all sorts of mold situations, making us a reliable and trustworthy source.

Contact Our Mold Restoration Company to See if Your Mold Damage Can Be Resolved

A little remediation and repair can go a long way when it comes to improving the aesthetics and safety of your home. But of course, at 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration, we like to go big or go home. Speaking of big, as a treat for you, you can get a BIG discount on mold clean-up with this coupon of ours. Sweet!

Now that you know you’ve got a trustworthy team of experts on board along great prices for mold removal services, all there’s left to do is set up your appointment. In that case, just call us at 866-437-0205.