We Provide Speedy Water Damage Restoration in San Marcos CA

August 26, 2021

We Provide Speedy Water Damage Restoration in San Marcos CA

We grew up being taught that water is our friend. And, yes, in many ways, it is. Water quenches our thirst and helps our organs properly function. Water cools us down when we’re overheated and cleans our bodies. It can also act as a form of entertainment – water balloon fight or swim party, anyone?!

Then there’s the bad side of water. One of the biggest problems that water can potentially cause is damage somewhere on your property. Ever drip water after coming out of the bath or shower and forget to clean it up? You might have noticed that the flooring began to swell a little. Or ever deal with a burst plumbing pipe, which then began to warp your cabinetry? How about spotting mold or mildew on your baseboards after an overflowing toilet incident?

Clearly, water is a fantastic thing, but it can also be a source of damage.

The Extent of Water Damage

Water damage isn’t always meek and mild. Sometimes the damages can be substantial and exceptionally costly. It’s truly scary how it can go from nothing to a big deal in a matter of days.

That water you spilt on your way out the shower or tub after bathing and never cleaned up? If you have real wood or laminate flooring, you might just have to have your entire flooring replaced. This is especially true if that specific style of flooring is no longer being manufactured. That burst plumbing pipe might require you to completely replace your kitchen cabinetry because your current cabinets are too far gone for saving. And mold- or mildew-infested baseboards due to an overflowing toilet? You’ll likely have to scrap those baseboards and replace them. Not to mention, you might have to have a mold specialist come out and make sure the mold is completely removed from your property, even after the moldy or mildewy baseboards are long gone. You just never know!

To sum, water damage can be very disastrous, let alone expensive. It can be a huge pain in the behind and a big headache, to say the least.

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