Water Main Repairs in Oceanside, CA

September 1, 2023

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A water main is the name given to the pipe that supplies fresh and potable (safe for drinking and domestic use) water to a home. Also known as a main water supply line, or main water line, the water main enters from the street and then branches off to provide water to a home’s plumbing fixtures (indoor and outdoor faucets, toilets, showers, etc.) and water using appliances (such as washers and dishwashers). Since they run through the ground, water main pipes are manufactured using durable materials like copper, steel, PVC, and PEX.

We rely on our home’s water main to provide a steady supply of clean water for a wide range of daily activities, including bathing, cooking, cleaning, and more. When this supply becomes interrupted, it can cause all kinds of problems, such as wasting water, reduced water pressure, and discolored water.  If you suspect a problem with your main water line, it’s important to contact a professional plumber to address the issue as soon as possible.

Common Water Main Problems

A water main ages just like the other pipes in your home. Since much of the line runs outdoors, it can also be susceptible to damage from temperature extremes, ground movement, tree root infiltration, and excavation. Over time, the line can develop several problems, including:

  • Leaks – A water main leak can waste thousands in water and cause water pressure problems.
  • Corrosion – Over time, corrosion can damage your water main, resulting in leaks or breaks. Corrosion can also affect water quality.
  • Blockage – A clog or other kind of blockage can impair the flow of water into a home, affecting water pressure. A blockage can also damage the water main pipe.
  • Water pressure issues – Leaks and blockage are just some of the problems that can cause low water pressure.
  • Water quality issues – Sediment and mineral deposits inside the water main can affect water quality, causing discoloration or strange tastes and odors.

Other Water Main Problems

The typical home water main consists of several components in addition to the primary service pipe. These include the water meter (used for billing purposes), main shut-off valve, pressure regulator valve, and backflow preventer. Some homes have filtration equipment connected to the water main. A problem with any of these components can affect the flow of fresh water into the home.

Your First Choice for Water Main Repairs in Oceanside, CA

If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s water main, give 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration a call. We’ve been providing expert water main repair services to home and business owners since 2012. Our team of licensed Oceanside, CA plumbers have the training and tools to tackle just about any water main issue that may be troubling you.

In Oceanside, a water main problem can happen at any time. That’s why 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Oceanside, CA. In most cases one of our Oceanside, CA plumbers can be onsite within less than an hour of your call.

You can contact 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration through our website or call us at 866-437-0205 for outstanding water main repairs in Oceanside, CA.