Water Leaks and Mold Play Hand in Hand in Your Fallbrook CA Home

September 29, 2021

Water Leaks and Mold Play Hand in Hand in Your Fallbrook CA Home

In some scenarios, domino effects can be the worst. For instance, say a student is dealing with something personal at home, like a family problem or a difficulty in their romantic relationship. That personal thing they’re dealing with might trigger a change in their mental state, which might discourage them from studying, which will result in lower grades, and potentially prevent them from passing their classes or even graduating. A chain reaction like this can be for the better or for the worst depending on what the situation entails. We’ve all had something like this occur to us at some point.

Another example of a domino effect is dealing with a water leak. Once a water leak has started, it will eventually create a chain reaction of other situations until things get out of control (unless it is tended to on time).

Have a Water Leak? You Might Also Have Mold. Have Mold? You Might Also Have a Water Leak

Say you’ve been noticing a small trinkle of water that continuously flows on your property. This is likely a water leak, not a coincidence. Or say you’ve been noticing some greenish, darkish spots on your walls, ceiling, or other parts of your home and smelling something musky. Mold is likely the culprit. But mold has to start somewhere. Often, it’s the result of a water leak.

The thing is, though, that just because you have a water leak doesn’t mean you have mold. However, it’s typically a warning sign that if you don’t get the leak situated in time, mold might be soon to make your home its home too. Within a matter of days, mold or mildew can begin to appear – so take that water leak very seriously!

Get Your Water Leak Resolved and Mold Removed with 1st Choice Plumbing

Whether you have mold, a water leak, or both, know that 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration is able to work out either or both of these issues with you in a timely manner. Our company understands how problems like these can be linked with one another. Thus, we also want to work as swiftly as possible to make sure that these problems are taken care of for you to prevent a bigger chain reaction from occurring.

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