Water Damage from a Plumbing Leak in Escondido CA? Our Team Can Assist You

June 15, 2021

Water Damage from a Plumbing Leak in Escondido CA? Our Team Can Assist YouModern-day plumbing is a gift, something for us to be thankful for. But it’s great until it isn’t. When your plumbing system begins to pose problems, that’s when you become aggravated. You may even curse at the plumbing gods for such a disaster, especially if that disaster happens to be a plumbing-related water leak inside your Escondido, CA home.

Water leaks aren’t all that difficult to deal with from a plumber’s perspective. However, from a homeowner’s perspective, it’s a lot different. It’s frustrating, you feel a great sense of urgency and panic, and you become annoyed with the mess that you now have to clean up. Worst of all, the problem continues until it’s eventually dealt with; it doesn’t just disappear on its own. And if the problem persists for some time, you start worrying about the possibility of water damage – and rightfully so as water can do quite a bit of damage.

How Serious Can Water Damage Get?

To truly understand how imperative it is that you get a professional water damage repair company out on your property for water damage from a plumbing leak, it’s critical to know how bad water damage can get. Let’s bring up some shocking facts about water damage.

First, did you know that a whopping 250 gallons worth of water gets released in one day just from an eighth of an inch crack in a plumbing pipe? Not only will that increase your water bill that month, but that’s a lot of water that has the potential to damage your home!

Also, water damage most commonly causes mold growth, warped floors, ruined carpets, discolored wall paint, and even vermin infestation. Problems like these can begin to develop anywhere from several hours to a few days. These are all serious problems that, if left to get worse, can cause permanent damage.

Not to mention, the average home insurance claim for water damage in the United States is $10,234. That just goes to show that in most homes that experience water damage from a plumbing-related problems, the situation escalates quickly. Yikes!

The Clock is Ticking – Get Water Damage Restored in Escondido CA Now

When dealing with water damage on your property, it’s vital to get in touch with a flood and restoration company in Southern California as soon as you can. The damages can become moderate to severe within a matter of days.

1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration can give you a great discount for choosing our team to help you during this intense time. Call us for water damage and plumbing leak repair in Escondido, CA at 866-437-0205.