Top Notch Water Heater Installation in Encinitas CA

July 11, 2019

Top Notch Water Heater Installation in Encinitas CA

Water heaters play an essential role in many households. These devices not only heat our homes but also provide hot water for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. However, devices like this will fail on us overtime and no longer provide the outstanding output they once were able to provide.

If you have an older water heater, now just might be the right time to install a new one. With our diligent team of professionals, replacing your old water heater has never been easier and more convenient.

Perks of Installing a New Water Heater

There are many benefits of getting a new water heater installed in your home:

  • Better Energy Efficiency

Compared to older heater models, brand new water heaters offer greater energy efficiency. Newer tanks are more consistent in keeping heated water warmer for a longer period of time. Additionally, these heaters are less affected by ambient temperatures. Great efficiency with a fraction of the work!

  • Greater Heat Output

The older your current water heater is, the more likely it is to have trouble with providing quality heat. You may notice that your bath or shower takes a lot longer to heat up or that your dishes aren’t as clean and piping hot as they used to be after taking them out of the dishwasher. Since you’re paying the bill, there’s no doubt that you’ll want a new, reliable water heater that will get the job done right.

  • Financial Savings

Because newer heaters are more energy efficient, it’s no surprise that you’ll also enjoy greater savings. Considering your water heater won’t have to work as hard to heat water and keep water heated, it makes sense that you won’t have to fork out as much cash on a month to month basis. Likewise, a brand-new heater won’t have a leaky tank, which would otherwise contribute to skyrocketing bills.

Is a New Water Heater Right for You?

Since we’re being completely honest here, a new water heater may not be best for everyone, just like with dental braces and eyeglasses.

However, there are certain factors that may mean it’s a good time for you to consider getting a new water heater. For instance, if your current water heater is loud, rusty, and/or 15 years or older, there’s a good chance that making the switch to a new heater is the right choice for you.

Water buildup in or near your water heater, reduced heat output, and quality issues with your water are other signs that it might be time to replace your heater.

Water Heater Installation in Encinitas, CA

If you think it’s time to install a brand-new water heater in your Encinitas, California home, trust 1st Choice Plumbing, Heat, and Air to offer superb service and compassionate customer support. Our family-owned business offers transparent pricing and communication to deliver only the best of the best for our customers.

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