Signs It’s Time for a Mold Inspection in Cardiff CA

March 18, 2021

Signs It's Time for a Mold Inspection in Cardiff CA

When you purchase or rent a home for the first time, you have high hopes. You’re so excited about moving into a new place that you can’t fathom that something could ever go wrong. A burglary in the middle of the night? No way. Termites? Yeah right. A leak or flood on the property? Not a chance. In reality, anything could go wrong at any time.

Something that new homeowners or renters would never believe that’d come in between them and their love for their home is mold growth. Actually, most homes in California are tainted with mold in some way, shape, or form. But is yours?

Symptoms That Signify Potential Mold Growth

Mold growth doesn’t always involve green or dark patches in noticeable parts of your home – at least not always upfront. Sometimes it’s tiny, black spots or fuzzy growths. Other times, you might first discover mold growth just through a funky smell in the air in your home. You know that mold smell: musky.

It’s also possible you can “catch” mold before it even forms. By this, we mean you might notice signs of a water leak or flood inside your home. You might notice dribbles of water, puddles, or higher yet unexplainable water bills. In turn of this flood or leak, you can surely develop mold in the coming days or weeks if the water situation is not caught and resolved.

Sign Up for a Mold Inspection in Cardiff CA ASAP

Sometimes mold can sneak up on you until – boom – it’s suddenly out of control. Other times, even when it’s more established, you just never seem to come across it until it begins to cause damage inside your home.

Even if you aren’t positive that mold is somewhere inside your household, it never hurts to get an inspection. There’s no harm in being on the safe side. After all, you wouldn’t want the situation to get so out of hand that it becomes dangerous for you and your family to even live in your home. Not to mention, the costs could get high very quickly when it comes to mold damage restoration.

1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration can provide fantastic mold inspection service. This way, you can know for sure if mold is inhibiting your beautiful home. If your home does, in fact, have a case of mold, our team will work hard to ensure it’s no longer a problem.

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