Shower Head Leaking in Carlsbad CA? Hire a Plumber for a Quick Resolution

January 11, 2020
Shower Head Leaking in Carlsbad CA? Hire a Plumber for a Quick Resolution

Drip. Drip. Drip. Oh no – your shower head is starting to leak! Hm, maybe you didn’t turn off the water supply all the way. So, you tighten the faucet. It still continues to drip. Maybe you even turn your shower on and off to see if it somehow triggers a resolution. Nope, still nothing. Out of desperation, you might even wipe the end of your shower head, thinking that there was just an accumulation of water. Water continues to dribble out, indicating that you have a different problem at hand.

Not only is a leaky shower annoying, but it could be increasing your water bill month after month – until you get the issue resolved by a trusted Carlsbad, CA plumber.

Why Shower Heads Leak

Shower heads don’t always leak for the same reason, making it a bit more challenging to resolve the issue at hand. Possible culprits include a worn seal on your shower head, faucet-related issues, or buildup of mineral deposits within the holes of your shower head.

Generally, shower heads leak due to old age and/or poor care over the years. Parts of your shower head, such as its seal, can deteriorate naturally as time goes on. Thus, in many cases, a shower head leak can be inevitable, but the good news is, it can be resolved within a quick timeframe.

Get Your Shower Head Leak Fixed with an Emergency Plumber in Carlsbad CA

It’s no secret that there are different DIY methods out there to fix a leaky shower head. But there are two issues to consider: 1) do you even know what the underlying cause of your shower head leak is to begin with?, and 2) how do you know for sure that the DIY you’re about to perform is safe and won’t result in permanent damage to your shower head? These concerns are critical to keep in mind.

On the bright side, an experienced Carlsbad plumber can not only diagnose your shower head problem quickly and accurately but can resolve your leaky shower head in a safe, effective manner. If you opt for shower head repair with 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, & Air in Southern California, you could get 15% off as a first-time customer when presenting this coupon to your technician at your appointment.

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