Seven Ways to Reuse Waste Water in Oceanside, CA

August 23, 2022

Seven Ways to Reuse Waste Water in Oceanside, CA

The state of California is suffering from a prolonged, severe drought. Oceanside, CA homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce water use. One of the easiest ways to reduce water use is to recycle the wastewater created by showering, cooking, and washing our hands. Reusing your wastewater can reduce your overall water use while reducing your water bills.

“Gray water” is the name for wastewater that’s safe to reuse in your home. It’s water that has been used but doesn’t contain human waste, harmful chemicals, or large amounts of food, hair, and other waste materials. This includes water from your sinks, showers, bathtubs, and other sources.

While gray water is not suitable for human consumption unless properly treated, it can be used as a source of water for your indoor and outdoor plants. Some gray water can be used to flush the toilet; just make sure it’s clear of materials that could cause a clog or damage to the pipes, tank, or bowl.

Here are seven ways we can reuse wastewater in Oceanside, CA:

Catch Your Warming Shower Water

Don’t let that water go to waste while you wait for the water to heat up. A bucket can catch and collect this water, which can then be used to water your plants or to flush your toilets.

Reuse Your Unwanted Ice

When you clean your icemaker, take the old ice and sprinkle it across your lawn or garden bed. As it melts, the water will be soaked up into the soil.

Save Pasta And Cooking Water

Collect the water used to boil vegetables, pasta, and other foods. Once it’s cooled down, the nutrient-rich water can be used to water indoor and outdoor plants.

Recycle (Freshwater) Aquarium Water

The water in an aquarium needs to be changed regularly to maintain the health of its occupants. The wastewater from a freshwater aquarium is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and organic materials, making it an excellent plant fertilizer. (Don’t use water from a saltwater aquarium; the salt and other minerals can harm your plants.)

Save The Water Used To Wash Vegetables.

The water you use to wash your fruits and vegetables can be reused to water the fruits, vegetables, and other plants you have growing in and around your home.

Reuse Old Drinking Water

Drinking water that’s been stored for too long can develop a stale taste and become contaminated by bacteria. Rather than pour it down the drain, use it to water your plants.

Capture Runoff Water From Your Plant And Flower Pots

When you water your potted plants, place a plate or bowl beneath the pot to catch any excess water. This runoff can be used to water your other plants.

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