Professional Drain Cleaning in Escondido CA

July 15, 2019

Professional Drain Cleaning in Escondido CA

Is your drain operating slower than ever before? Are there disturbing smells coming from within the premises of your sink? Does your sink keep getting clogged for some odd reason? Do you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drain? These are all signs that you need professional drain cleaning.

How a Clean Drain Makes a Difference

General household maintenance entails a lot, but many homeowners fail to maintain the health of their sink’s drain. However, having a clean drain can make all the difference for the long-term upkeep of your plumbing system.

With regular drain maintenance and cleaning, especially at the very first signs of a drain clog, can prevent worse clogs in the near future. Additionally, getting you drain professionally cleaned by the experts can avoid more serious damage caused by long-term drain clogs, like permanent erosion or damage to your plumbing pipes. In a worst case scenario, a plumbing pipe could burst, resulting in further damage to your home, meaning you’ll require even more expensive repairs.

The Risks of DIY Drain Cleaning

People online may swear by different DIY drain cleaning methods like, for instance, the baking soda and vinegar trick. While some of these methods may work, they may only be effective if:

  1. You know what you’re doing.
  2. The DIY method is applicable to the type of drain issue you’re having.

Other DIY drain cleaning methods may initially work but may not get down to the root of the issue. Some of these methods may cause damage while they’re clearing your drain.

Especially for severe drain problems or drain issues that you can’t diagnose, it’s critical to leave it to a certified plumber.

De-clogging your own drain can not only ineffective in many cases but can damage your plumbing or septic system while possibly wasting your money and time in the process.

In the case that you’re attempting to repair a drain with your bare hands, there’s a risk that you could get your hand stuck in the drain, which could be especially dangerous if your drain has a garbage disposal. Likewise, using boiling water to dislodge the debris in your drain could accidentally splash on you, causing a severe injury.

That said, kiss these DIY methods goodbye, and instead, call up your local Escondido, CA plumber at 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

5-Star Escondido, CA Drain Cleaning

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