Our Mold Experts Can Start Tackling Your Infestation Before the End of 2020 in San Marcos CA

December 22, 2020

Our Mold Experts Can Start Tackling Your Infestation Before the End of 2020 in San Marcos CA

With the holiday season here again, you might be worried that it’ll be more difficult to get a service appointment of any type. People are traveling near and far. People’s lives are busier than ever before. Others are at home more this time of year so that they can celebrate the winter holidays with their loved ones. Whether you’re home more this time of year or not, one thing is definite: people need services all year ‘round. And if you do happen to be home more, you might notice some things about the inside of your home that require an expert. One of those things might just be mold growth.

Fortunately, if you live in or near San Marcos, CA, you can get the best mold restoration in all of California with a team. We like to call ourselves 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration because we strive to be the first company you turn to when you’re dealing with an issue like mold growth in your home.

Say Goodbye to Mold Once and For All

Have you ever tried those over-the-counter products that claim to help deter mold or even completely stop it in its tracks after a few applications? If you’re able to get a product that good in store without a special license, you’re either being lied to or are about to put you and your family in a hazardous situation.

Experts like 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration know the right ways to get rid of all types of mold. We also know how to deter it in a manner that is quick yet the safest possible for you, your pets, and your entire family. We’re familiar with the process from start to finish and know exactly what to do in case an issue comes up along the way. You can count on us to do things right and just.

Holiday Season or Not, Don’t Hesitate to Call Us Up!

Sure, the holidays are here, and our team will be spending time with their families just as you may be spending time with yours this time of year, but at the same time, we will be able to squeeze in an appointment for you if it is urgent. We’d love to help you in the midst of your emergency, even if it’s just a few weeks before you plan to host a gathering with family.

Just call us to get in touch! Dial 866-437-0205 for a mold restoration appointment in San Marcos, CA.