My Walls Are Wet! Do I Have a Water Leak in my Carlsbad CA Home?

July 14, 2020

My Walls Are Wet! Do I Have a Water Leak in my Carlsbad CA Home?

It’s always alarming when you notice the signs of a water leak – or at least think the signs are pointing towards a leak. Right away, you might worry about the problem costing a lot of money to resolve and having to deal with the messy aftermath a water leak entails from the replacement of baseboards to the need to dry and dehumidify your soaked carpets and rugs. It’s a long, lengthy, and tiring process.

So, when you notice that a wall in your home is wet, you might instantly go into freak-out mode, which is understandable. A water leak can be a very big deal, no doubt. Although it’s always best to have a professional help you figure out if you have a water leak on hand, reading below will help you have a better understanding of whether or not you may have one.

Wet Walls Don’t Always Mean a Water Leak But Can

It’s true that noticing wet spots or dampness on a wall is a common sign of a water leak. Although, it doesn’t always mean that you do, for sure, have a leak occurring. Condensation after a hot shower, poor drainage, or high indoor humidity may be to blame.

Your wet wall situation may or may not be a result of water leak, but because moisture and water can damage drywall and lead to the growth of mold and/or mildew, it’s best to have someone survey the situation thoroughly and make a decision to stop the moisture or wet spots from reaccumulating or worsening.

Signs You Have a Residential Water Leak

Apart from wet walls, below are some other common signs of a water leak. (Note that you don’t have to notice all the following symptoms in order to have an active water leak.)

  • Sound of running water
  • Higher-than-usual water bill
  • Strange, musty odors
  • Growth of mold or mildew
  • Warped floors and baseboards
  • Build-up of water that reappears shortly after it has been cleaned up

Get Water Leak Detection from 1st Choice Plumbing

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