Mold is Especially Dangerous for Children in Solana Beach CA

October 20, 2020

Mold is Especially Dangerous for Children in Solana Beach CA

You might have heard that mold can be hazardous for your health – or anyone’s health, really. Breathing in mold spores is likely to trigger allergy- and flu-like symptoms from a runny nose and sneezing to watery eyes and an itchy throat. Many of us are already aware of this, which is why we normally act quickly when we spot mold somewhere inside the home.

But if you have children, know that it’s even more imperative for you to get mold removed as quickly as possible. Just like for us, mold can be dangerous for their health, if not more.

How Mold Affects Children’s Health

You might already know that mold can give you and your other adult family members the sniffles, or possibly even a bit of a headache, but do you know just how detrimental the effects can be on one’s health, especially on a tiny human?

When exposed to large quantities of mold for extended periods of time, breathing this junk in can cause respiratory issues and can even make preexisting conditions like asthma worse. Apart from asthma, those with other lung- or allergy-related problems are also particularly vulnerable to the risks of mold.

The effects on children are even more severe if you have a black mold issue in your home. In this case, this can be highly toxic, especially for children, which has the capability of triggering major breathing issues along with possible bleeding of the lungs that necessitates immediate medical attention.

In turn, the risk of pneumonia and, if not treated – death, can be possible. In addition, neurological conditions may also occur when exposed to black mold, which may kill neurons and lead to an increased risk of anxiety and depression, shortened attention span, dizziness, slowed reflexes, and more.

Get Mold Restoration in Solana Beach CA ASAP

Whether or not you have children in the home, it’s critical to get your home evaluated when there’s a mold issue.

1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration can help you spot and treat mold, along with providing complete restoration when dealing with a mold issue. We’ve dealt with even severe mold issues, so we know exactly how to tend to your particular situation.

For great specials and favorable service, call us today at 866-437-0205 for Solana Beach, CA mold restoration service. We want to ensure you and your family are exceptionally healthy. Part of that starts with a mold-free home environment.