It’s Easy to Adjust Your Toilet’s Water Level

January 23, 2023

 It's Easy to Adjust Your Toilet's Water Level

You may not know it, but the water level inside your toilet bowl has a big impact on the way the toilet works. If the water level is too low, you may experience frequent clogs because there isn’t enough water in the bowl to properly flush the toilet. If the water levels are too high, then you run the risk of having your toilet overflow when you flush.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to adjust the water level in a toilet.

The water level in the bowl is controlled by a float in the toilet tank. The float turns the water supply on and off based on the water level in the tank. It also controls the water level in the bowl. There are two kinds of floats: the ball & arm style and the cylinder style. To adjust the water level, you need to adjust the float.

Adjusting the Height of a Ball & Arm Style Float

Lift the cover of your toilet’s tank when it’s full of water. If you see a plastic bulb or ball (the float) connected to a metal arm, then you have a ball & arm float.

To adjust the float’s height, simply locate and turn the screw connecting the float to the fill valve using a screwdriver. Turning the screw clockwise raises the water level; counterclockwise turns lower the water level.

When you’re done, make a test flush. Make further adjustments if necessary.

Adjusting the Height of a Cylinder Style Float

A cylinder float, also known as a cup float, consists of a vertical plastic cylinder float with a bar running through the opening through the center.

You adjust the height of a cylinder-style float using the adjustment stem.

The adjustment stem, also known as a modification stem, runs parallel to the float and is connected both to the float and to the fill valve. Adjustment stems often resemble a long, slender screw. To adjust the float’s height, first, locate the stem’s release clip. Pinch the release clip to raise or lower the float. If there isn’t a release clip you can use a screwdriver.

Again, make a test flush to ensure the water is filling to the desired levels. Adjust if necessary.

Adjusting the water level of a toilet bowl is a pretty straightforward DIY project. If you’re still experiencing problems with clogging or overflowing even after adjusting the water level, you might have a more serious problem, such as a damaged sewer line. It would be a good idea to have a professional plumber take a look.

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