Is Your Hot Water Heater Telling You It Needs Help?

May 5, 2022

Is Your Hot Water Heater Telling You It Needs Help?

Like all the plumbing fixtures in your home, the components of your hot water heater experience wear as they age. This wear can affect the performance of the hot water heater. When this happens, the hot water heater will need to be repaired or replaced. Here are some of the ways your hot water heater will let you know it needs some attention:

No hot water

If there’s no hot water coming out of the hot water tap, then you definitely have a hot water heater problem. Depending on what kind of hot water heater you have, there could be many reasons why you’re not getting any hot water. A professional plumber can help you pinpoint the problem and offer solutions.

Fluctuating water temperatures

Does your water come out hot sometimes, but only lukewarm at others? This could be indicative of a number of problems. If the unit is new, it may be a thermostat issue. If you have an older hot water heater, the problem could be mineral deposits affecting the function of water heating elements.

Discolored water

Do you have clear water when you turn on the cold water tap, but brownish, discolored stuff coming out when the hot water tap is turned on? Discolored water is usually a sign that your hot water heater is experiencing rust and corrosion. The affected components will have to be removed and replaced.

Not enough hot water

If you’re running out of hot water sooner than you used to, a defective heating element is probably to blame.

Funny noises coming from the tank

That funny noise coming from your hot water heater is actually a cry for help. It’s trying to tell you that it has mineral deposits. Over time, these cries of help can produce literal tears in the form of hot water heater leaks. Flushing the hot water heater puts it on mute.


Any kind of leak is a sign that your hot water heater needs help. It’s important to have hot water heater leaks fixed as soon as they’re discovered. Water leaks have the potential to cause thousands of dollars in property damage.

Low water pressure

A healthy hot water heater provides a steady amount of pressure when being used. Normal pressure when you use the cold water tap, but low pressure when you turn on the hot is usually a sign that there’s some kind of blockage impeding the flow of the hot water. Mineral accumulations in the heating components or water pipe damage are usually the cause.

Call the Oceanside CA Hot Water Heater Professionals at 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration

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