Is Your Garbage Disposal Draining Slow? Contact Our Plumbers in Encinitas CA

January 23, 2020

Is Your Garbage Disposal Draining Slow? Contact Our Plumbers in Encinitas CA

Unfortunately, not every homeowner has the luxury of having a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal. For those without one of these wonderful units, they must be extra careful not to wash large chunks of food and other scraps down the drain to avoid an otherwise potentially serious drain clog. Meanwhile, the intent of a garbage disposal is to help break up waste into tinier bits and pieces to prevent these annoying obstructions from the start.

Although having a garbage disposal isn’t a necessity, it’s most certainly a helpful device. This doesn’t mean, though, that garbage disposals themselves can’t have their own share of complications. As a garbage disposal owner, one of the issues you may come across is a slow-draining unit.

Culprits of a Slow-Draining Garbage Disposal

Everyone knows that plumbing-related issues don’t just appear for no apparent reason. There’s always something that occurs under the surface that leads to the problem you’re experiencing on the surface.

In the case of a garbage disposal that’s slow to drain, the main culprit is having too large or too much debris stuck within your garbage disposal or, in other words, a clog. While garbage disposals are specifically designed to break down food and scraps into smaller pieces, even a brand-new, top-rated garbage disposal can struggle.

In rarer cares, poor venting due to rubber cover not allowing enough air to flow through may be the reason your garbage disposal is draining slowly.

Apart from the latter, a slow-draining garbage disposal may also be a result of your unit failing. This may be true if you notice that your disposal is easily getting clogged, even when you know you’re careful not to put large pieces of food down your drain.

Regardless of the reason your garbage disposal is slowing down, it’s always best to let a professional plumber in Encinitas, CA handle it. They have the experience working with a plethora of garbage disposal-related issues and can rapidly, safely resolve any error it might be encountering.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Garbage Disposal Fixed! Here’s Why

A garbage disposal may seem like just an extra device. It technically is; it isn’t necessary for your kitchen sink to be equipped with one. However, having a malfunctioning garbage disposal can set you up for some trouble. Foul, lingering odors; bacteria buildup; or a completely backed-up garbage disposal can be a result of not getting your disposal repaired on time. In the long-run, having a slow-draining or totally clogged garbage disposal may trigger health consequences, especially for those with asthma.

That said, be sure to contact 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, and Air today at 866-437-0205 for garbage disposal service in Encinitas, CA. After scheduling your appointment with us, feel free to refer to our coupon page to see what type of discount you can enjoy!