Improving Water Heater Energy Efficiency in Oceanside, CA

July 20, 2022

Improving Water Heater Energy Efficiency in Oceanside, CAAre you looking for ways to reduce your utility bills? Start with your water heater. The average household spends $400 – 600 on heating water every year. It can be the second largest home expense, after your air conditioner, accounting for up to 18% of your monthly utility bill. Improving the efficiency of your home water can enhance performance, extend the life of your water heater, and lower your energy bills.

Many homeowners in Oceanside, CA have storage tank water heaters in their homes. Storage tank water heaters have a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years. Storage water heaters use electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, or propane to heat the water in the stand and keep it hot. They cost less to purchase and install than other types of water heaters, however, they aren’t as energy efficient as other types of water heaters.

Improving Water Tank Efficiency

Here are a few ways to improve the efficiency of a storage-tank water heater:

Regular Maintenance

You can extend the life of your water heater and minimize efficiency loss through regular maintenance:

  • Flush a quart of water from the tank every three months. Draining a quart of water every three months removes the sediments that hinder heat transfer and reduce the efficiency of your heater.
  • Check your water heater’s temperature and pressure valve every six months.
  • Replace your water heater’s “sacrificial” anode rods every one to three years. An anode rod is a long metal rod made of magnesium or aluminum, which extends through the water tank’s interior. The anode rod “sacrifices” itself by attracting the corrosive iron, limestone, or other minerals present in the water, extending the life of the water heater.

Choose the Right Sized Water Heater

Select a water heater that is large enough to adequately support your household’s hot water needs. An undersized water heater can be overworked, using far more energy than a larger model.

Invest in a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of 20+ years. Tankless units use electricity, natural gas, or propane to heat the water. They provide a constant flow of hot water and are more energy-efficient than storage water heaters. However, they’re far more expensive to purchase and install than storage tank heaters and can’t always keep up with demand.

Solar water heaters and geothermal water heaters are two other types of energy-efficient water heaters

Other Tips for Reducing Home Water Heating Costs

Other tips for reducing your home water heating costs include:

  • Try using less hot water.
  • Install low-flow faucets and showerheads. These fixtures are a relatively inexpensive investment that can help you achieve water savings of up to 60 percent!
  • Install a volt timer.
  • Install Energy Star dishwashers, clothes washers, and other appliances.
  • Turn down your water heater’s thermostat. (For best results, set your water heater thermostat at 120 degrees.
  • Wash your clothes using cold water.
  • Fix any water heater leaks.
  • Insulate your water heater and pipes.
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