How to Stop a Running Toilet in Oceanside, CA

June 15, 2022

How to Stop a Running Toilet in Oceanside, CA

The annoying din of a running toilet makes it a problem you can’t ignore. There’s also the annoying cost of a running toilet, which can leak a gallon every hour.

Like a lot of household problems, a running toilet gets worse over time. In the beginning, simply jiggling the toilet’s flush handle is enough to stop the noise. However, this is only a temporary fix. Eventually, jiggling won’t do the trick.

Fortunately, a running toilet is usually an easy problem to fix. In most cases, a running toilet is caused by one of three problems:

  • The flapper is damaged and needs to be replaced
  • The chain between the flush lever and the flapper has become disconnected or is either too long or too short
  • The float or fill tube is out of position and needs to be adjusted.

Anatomy of Your Toilet Tank

The first step to stopping a running toilet is to determine its cause. Turn off the water to the toilet, using the shutoff valve located on the water line feeding into the toilet. Next, remove the lid. Inside, you’ll see the following parts:

  • The toilet flush lever has a chain attached to it.
  • This chain is attached to the flapper, a rubber or plastic stopper located at the bottom of the tank.
  • The flapper controls the flow of water going out of the tank and into the bowl.
  • The pump refills the tank after you flush.
  • A float is connected to the pump. The pump raises or lowers with the level of the water. Once it gets to a certain depth, the float stops the pump from releasing any more water into the tank.
  • The overflow valve maintains the proper water level inside the tank.

Determining the Causes of the Problem

  • Check the flapper chain that connects the flush lever to the flapper. If the chain has become disconnected, reconnect it. If there is too much or too little slack, you’ll have to adjust the length of the chain.
  • Check the flapper. Over time, a flapper can become dirty, damaged, or knocked out of position. This can prevent it from sealing correctly. You may only need to adjust its position so that it seals correctly. If it’s damaged, you’ll need to replace it. Replacement flappers are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. Simply disconnect the old flapper from the chain, connect the new flapper to the chain, and place the new flapper in position. A test flush will tell you if you have to make any adjustments.
  • Check the pump and the float. If the float is too high, it will cause the water to run and run. If it’s too low, your toilet won’t flush very well. If adjusting the float height doesn’t work, you may have to replace it.
  • Check that the pump tube is properly positioned with the overflow valve. If the pump tube is too long, the water level may rise too high, causing it to drain out through the overflow valve.

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