How to Replace a Broken Toilet Handle in Five Easy Steps

May 4, 2023

Is a broken toilet flush handle making it hard or impossible for you to flush your toilet? Loose or damaged toilet flush handles are a common home plumbing problem in Fallbrook, CA. The good news is, in most cases, you can replace a broken toilet handle without having to call a plumber.

Before you begin, you’ll need to purchase a new toilet handle. Don’t know which one to purchase? Lift the lid off your toilet. Inside you’ll see a model name or number printed on the inside of the tank. This will help you select the right replacement handle.

The only tool you’ll need to complete this project is a crescent wrench. You might also want a towel to place your toilet lid on while you work.

Let’s get started.

Replacing Your Broken Toilet Handle

Step One: Remove the toilet lid and place it off to the side on top of the towel.

Step Two: You’ll see that the toilet handle is attached to a long plastic rod called a trip lever. The trip lever is connected to the lift chain, which is connected to the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank. Carefully unhook the lift chain from the trip lever. Take note of which hole the chain is connected to so you can return it to the same place when you’ve connected the new handle.

Step Three:  Remove the nut inside the tank that holds the handle in place using a crescent wrench. NOTE: Many toilets have left-handed threads; you turn the nut clockwise to remove it and counterclockwise to secure it. Don’t force the nut, you could damage the surrounding porcelain. If it’s rusted shut, try a little WD 40 to loosen it.

Once the nut is removed, you can remove the old toilet handle along with the connected trip lever.

Step Four: Now you’re ready to install the new toilet handle. Before you insert the new nut, clean the hole in the toilet tank to remove rust and other material that could affect the function of the new handle.

Remove the nut from the new handle and slide it through the hole in the front of the tank. Once the handle is in position, insert the nut and securely tighten the new handle into place using your wrench. Don’t tighten it too much, you could damage the new handle or the toilet tank.

Step Five: Reattach the lift chain to the trip lever, in the same hole as on the old handle. Try a few test flushes. You may have to adjust the nut or chain to restore the toilet to proper operation.

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Not all toilet problems are as easy to fix as a broken toilet handle. For problems like water leaks, wobbly seats, and persistent clogs, you’ll need professional help.

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