How Moisture Can Damage Your Home from the Bottom Up in Vista CA

September 17, 2020

Water Drops Background Rain drop Condensation Texture

Although a lot of people cringe when they simply hear the word “moisture,” moisture can be a great thing depending on the context. Moist skin, moist cake, and moist hair are things a lot of people want and prefer. However, when it comes to moisture in your home, this can be a very bad thing. In fact, it can create some serious damage that requires a professional to come out.

Excess moisture in your home can be damaging to your home in some or all the following ways:

Electronics May Become Damaged.

It’s not just household flooding that can damage the expensive electronics of your home from televisions, to video game consoles, to kitchen appliances, but even excess moisture in the air of your home can cause damage, sometimes damage that is permanent and irreversible, to your technology. In a tech-run world, this would be a huge tragedy and inconvenience and, not to mention, you’d end up being in the hole financially for a while to replace or repair these damaged electronics if they happen to be important enough for you to replace within a quick timeframe.

Baseboards May Swell.

Yes, moisture can even damage your baseboards to the point where they’re no longer attractive at the slightest. Baseboards may not cost very much compared to the other structures of your home, but you best believe that the costs can add up quickly – not to mention, the labor that it entails to rip off the old, damaged baseboards; buy new ones; paint them; cut them to the right size if applicable; and then install them. Nobody wants to have to deal with this nonsense when they shouldn’t have to.

Mold and Mildew May Develop.

Perhaps one of the worst and health-hazardous effects that can come from extra moisture in your home is the development of mold and/or mildew. These substances are difficult to work with, hideous to look at, pose a terrible aroma, and can even damage the most precious materials and belongings in your home. It’s an utter disaster, and you absolutely do not want to deal with an issue of this extent as it’s costly and very stressful to say the least.

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