Home Repiping in Oceanside, CA

November 23, 2022

Home Repiping in Oceanside, CA

The pipes that make up your home’s plumbing were made to last, but not to last forever. They’ll eventually begin to wear out and start to fail. This can cause all kinds of problems, including:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Slab leaks
  • Low water pressure
  • Strange-tasting, smelling, or colored water
  • Water damage

If you live in an older home and you’ve been experiencing these problems, it may be time to get your home’s piping system replaced. Re-piping is the process of removing all your home’s old, failing pipes and replacing them with new ones.

Factors That Cause Your Home’s Pipes to Fail

Age is one of the biggest factors in determining if your home needs repiping. Fifty-plus years of use can put a lot of strain on a home’s plumbing. Old and failing pipes are a major cause of home water damage

In addition, the materials used for the pipes in really old homes can be made of outdated materials such as galvanized steel or lead. Lead pipes can be hazardous to your health and galvanized steel is susceptible to corrosion.

You may also want to consider repiping as part of a renovation project. A new set of plumbing pipes can add a lot of value to your home.

The Home Repiping Process

Repiping a house is a major undertaking. However, it may be necessary to maintain the functionality of your home’s plumbing and help prevent water-related property damage.

Before work begins, the plumber will perform a thorough inspection of the home and surrounding property to determine the details of the project. They’ll review the plan with the homeowner and give them a quote based on their inspection.

Depending on the size of your home and the type of plumbing you have, a repiping project could take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to complete. The old pipes are removed and replaced with pipes made of copper, PVC, or PEX. Whenever possible, new pipes are installed using the existing holes in your floors and walls.

Since the water has to be turned off during removal and installation homeowners could experience minor disruptions to their daily routines while work is being performed. Small cuts are made in your home’s walls and drywall to provide access to the pipes. Furniture and carpeting are covered to protect them from dust and debris during this phase.

Once the new pipes have been installed, the repiped system will be rigorously tested to ensure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. When everything checks out, the drywall and other materials are repaired, patched, and restored to their original condition.

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