Get Geothermal Heating Installation in San Marcos CA Today with 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating and Air

January 8, 2020
Get Geothermal Heating Installation in San Marcos CA Today with 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating and Air

The great news about keeping your property warm is that there are numerous heating systems you can opt for. This includes furnaces, boilers, gas-fired space heaters, unvented gas-fired space heaters, electric space heaters, wood-burning and pellet stoves, fireplaces, and even geothermal heating units.

To date, most American households utilize furnaces for space heating. Next to furnaces in terms of popularity are electric space heaters and boilers. But with many other options available for you to take advantage of, why keep your options limited? Take geothermal heating as example. It may not be commonly talked about, but it’s certainly a great option to consider.

What is Geothermal Heating?

Geothermal heating utilizes geothermal energy or, in other words, energy/heat from the earth. Even cold ground can provide the energy necessary to make geothermal heating happen as it, too, contains heat several feet below the surface. A geothermal heat pump, apart from space heating, can also provide hot water and space cooling for homes.

This isn’t a new heating system. In fact, geothermal heating has been used by humans since the Paleolithic era. By 2004, about 70 countries have not only offered this type of heating for residences but have used a total of 270 PJ just for that year alone.

Geothermal Heating vs Traditional Furnaces

As mentioned, a majority of Americans rely on furnaces to heat their home. If it’s the majority pick, wouldn’t it make it the best option? Not exactly. As a consumer, it’s important that you look at other options and make an informed decision based on what you want in a heating system.

Compared to traditional furnaces, geothermal heating is much more energy efficient. In turn, it’s more environmentally friendly, and it means you get to take advantage of lower heating costs – up to 80% of savings compared to standard heating systems! You’ll also never have to worry about frequent cost fluctuations that are common with heating systems utilizing gas or oil since geothermal heating runs on electricity.

So, while you could be paying on average $1,556 per year to run a propane-based heating system, you could just be paying $259 a year for a geothermal heating system, making it the most affordable option for space heating around.

Go Energy Efficient – Get Geothermal Heating in San Marcos today!

Did you know that finding someone to install a geothermal heating system is significantly more difficult than finding someone to install, say, a furnace in your home? It’s true, but fortunately, 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, & Air offers geothermal heating installation in San Marcos, CA for residents who are interested. And if you’re looking for savings on your installation, head on over to our coupon page.

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