Do You Know When to Call a Plumber in Encinitas CA?

February 18, 2019

Do You Know When to Call a Plumber in Encinitas CA?

In some instances, it is easy to know that it’s time to call a plumber in Encinitas CA. For example, if you have sprung a leak and water is flooding your bathroom, then you know to call. But what about plumbing issues that are less serious? It is common for homeowners to not want to take on the expense of calling a plumber unless necessary.

At 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Air we will always give you an honest assessment. Just contact us at 866-437-0205 and tell us what your issue is. If we believe you can handle it yourself, we will let you know. If we believe that it is one of the many instances in which it will save you money in the long-run to work with the professionals, then we will tell you that too. In the meantime, read about three instances in which it is always worth it to contact a plumber.

  1. Call a Plumber in Encinitas CA if You Have a Plumbing Emergency

  2. This may seem obvious but we cannot stress enough that you should call a plumber right away if you are having a plumbing emergency. This includes things like a toilet that is overflowing, a pipe that has burst, or not having any running water come out when you turn on your tap. At 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Air we offer 24 hour service and recommend that you call as soon as you know you have a plumbing emergency.

  3. Call a Plumber in Encinitas CA if You Are Not 100% Confident in What You Are Doing

  4. We know you want to save money. We know you want to fix an issue yourself if possible. We also know that this is often not possible. The bad news is that by trying to save a few dollars, you could end up paying much more. Note that watching one or two videos on how to fix an issue does not make you an expert. Those videos may cover the basics of one particular situation but will you know what to do when an issue arises? Do not make the problem worse – call us first.

  5. Call a Plumber in Encinitas CA if You Do Not Have the Right Tools

  6. Even a professional plumber should not attempt a repair if they do not have the right tools on hand. Once again, using the wrong tools could not only not fix the problem – it could make the problem worse. When you make a plumbing issue worse, you are making the problem harder to fix – and that generally means it will be more expensive too.

Call Now to Speak to a Plumber in Encinitas CA

Are you still not sure if you need a plumber in Encinitas or if you can fix the issue yourself? Then contact 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Air at 866-437-0205 now and we can find the right solution to your plumbing issues.