Did You Know That Higher Water Bills Might Mean You Have a Leak in Rancho Santa Fe CA?

October 12, 2021

Did You Know That Higher Water Bills Might Mean You Have a Leak in Rancho Santa Fe CA?

Every month, you pay your bills – gas, electric, water, you name it. While you might not pay attention to the exact numbers each and every month, you do tend to notice if one of your bills is higher or lower than usual. The lows don’t haunt you, though; it’s the highs that leave you feeling puzzled and a little angry inside.

A slightly higher water bill one or two months here and there is no biggie. Sometimes it has to do with an increase in water usage among your family. During the summer months, after all, most families use more water to bathe, water the lawn, and even hand water garden beds. But if your water usage has not changed, and your water bill is still higher than usual by more than a few bucks, then you should start getting suspicious of a potential water leak inside your home – especially if that trend has been continuing for more than a month’s time.

Water Leaks Aren’t Cheap

When water is constantly leaking out of, say, a burst plumbing pipe, you bet that the costs will quickly add up. Water isn’t free, after all. So, the longer a leak is present on your property, the higher the costs will be over the course of time.

On top of that, water leaks cost money in that they aren’t free to have someone come out and fix. However, getting it professionally fixed is of upmost importance to avoid unnecessary water waste, racked up water bills, and the risk of getting mold and mold damage inside your home. Fixing a leak is most definitely worth it in the end.

Get Your Rancho Santa Fe Water Leak Handled ASAP

Stop suffering with higher water bills and other potential consequences of having a water leak. Your first step to putting an end to all of this is to find a plumber who can help you kiss your water leak goodbye.

1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration is able to provide water leak detection to find your leak. We can also stop the leak once we spot it. If there are any damages from the leak, we can also provide service to resolve that as well, all for a great cost.

Give us a call today at 866-437-0205, and we will be out to your property soon to check out and resolve your water leak in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.