Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Oceanside CA

May 30, 2022

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Oceanside CAA sudden drop in water pressure can slow your home’s water flow to a trickle. It’s a problem most of us encounter from time to time. In some instances, the problem may resolve itself. In others, you may need to get a plumber involved.

The first step in dealing with your low water pressure issues is to determine where the source of the problem lies: with the fixture, your home’s plumbing, or a city water main.

The Problem is Restricted to One Fixture

If the low pressure is restricted to a single fixture, such as a kitchen sink or showerhead, it could be due to a clog, a damaged aerator, a faulty fixture, or impaired water flow.

Remedies can include cleaning a dirty aerator, unclogging the drain with a plunger, snake, or chemical clog remover, replacing a faulty fixture, or checking to make sure the water valve is open all the way.

You Only Experience Low Water Pressure When You Use Hot Water

If your cold water pressure is normal but your hot water pressure isn’t, it’s a good bet the problem lies with your home’s water heater.

Check the water valve to make sure it’s fully open. If that’s not it, check for mineral and sediment buildup within the tank that could be impeding water flow.

Low Water Pressure Throughout Your Home

If you’re experiencing low water pressure from every fixture in your home no matter which tap your open, the issue might be:

  • A partially closed main shut-off valve
  • A leak in your home’s water main
  • Your home’s pressure reducing valve (PRV) has become damaged

Solutions: Check the main water shut-off valve on the house side and the street side to ensure they’re fully open. Call a plumber to repair the water leak or damaged PRV.

Your Entire Neighborhood Is Experiencing Low Water Pressure

It could be the low water pressure problem has nothing to do with the plumbing in your home. It’s not unusual for homeowners to experience low water pressure while the main water lines are undergoing maintenance or repair. In some cases, entire neighborhoods can be affected.

If you’ve lost water pressure during the day, check with your neighbors. If the city’s to blame, they’ll likely be experiencing low water pressure issues as well. In most instances, this problem resolves itself; water pressure will be restored to normal once the work has been completed.

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