Black Specks in Your Water? Call a Plumber Today in Vista CA

January 16, 2020

Black Specks in Your Water? Call a Plumber Today in Vista CA

How amazing it is to live in a time where we the opportunity to have water delivered straight to our homes! No more are the days where we have to hunt for our own water just to drink and bathe. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have modern plumbing are sure living it big.

But let our professionals remind you that even those whose homes have modern plumbing can still come across complications every now and then. Even your home’s precious tap water can exhibit problems. One of those potential issues is having black specks in your water. Yuck – what even are those?

What Those Black Specks in Your Tap Water May Be

Trying to figure out why your water has black specks to begin with? Here’s what those tiny bits might really identify as:

  • Disintegrated rubber

If the specks are rubbery, it’s possible that those small, black pieces lingering in your water are disintegrated segments of rubber from, say, a flexible supply hose, washer, or rubber gasket. One common culprit? A disinfectant (e.g., chlorine, chloramine) added to your water supply, which can lead to the corrosion of rubber parts.

  • Traces of minerals

Not all black specks found in water are necessarily a cause for concern. (However, it is if you don’t know the reason why.) In the case of mineral traces such as iron and/or manganese in your water (which appear black), although unaesthetic and concerning at first glance, are harmless when consumed. However, utilizing water with these trace minerals may stain your dishes and/or laundry.

  • Granular activated carbon (GAC)

If your water is filtered granular activated carbon (GAC), your water may look like it has coffee grounds. In this scenario, your filter cartridge may just need to be replaced.

  • Rust particles

In some cases, those black flakes in your water may actually be rust particles. The bad news? Your water will look ugly and taste funky. The good news? Rust in small amounts is said to be safe to ingest. But where is the rust coming from? From rusty pipes or water mains.

  • Sand or silt

Is your water coming from a private well? Those black dots in your water may be and or silt. Although these tiny bits aren’t dangerous when consumed, they can harm your well pump overtime, hence why it’s vital to get this situation sorted out with a plumber.

You Have a Problem with Your Water? We Have a Solution!

Odds are, you have gut feeling that you probably shouldn’t be consuming your water if it contains black specks, and in some cases, that is correct. But no worries – no matter what’s causing those black specks, this is an issue a plumber can easily resolve. So, not only will your water finally be speck-free again, but it will be safer to consume and nicer on those taste buds of yours!

Don’t try to diagnose your tap water issue at home! Leave it to a professional to identify your water issue and bring it back to its former glory.

Call our Vista, CA plumbers today at 866-437-0205 to schedule service. If this is your first time setting up an appointment with us, print our coupon for 15% off!