6 Signs That You May Need a New Toilet

January 9, 2023

6 Signs That You May Need a New ToiletThere are few home appliances that get more use than a toilet. All this use eventually causes the toilet’s components to experience wear. When the wear gets to be too much, the toilet’s function may be impaired. Common wear-related toilet problems include clogged drains, running tanks, loose or wobbly seats, and water leaks.

Most toilet problems in Oceanside, CA can be fixed. When they can’t, it’s time for a new toilet. Here are six signs that it’s time to replace your toilet:

In Constant Need of Repair

If your toilet is in constant need of repairs, it may be easier and cheaper, in the long run, to just get a new toilet.

Regular Clogs

Almost every toilet has experienced a clog at one time or another. In most cases, a plunger is all that is required to clear the clog. When a toilet starts to clog on a regular basis, say more than once a week, it may be time for a replacement.

Porcelain Cracks

Leaks around the base of your toilet may be the result of cracks in the porcelain of the bowl and base. While these leaks may not affect the function of your toilet, they can cause water damage to your flooring and promote mold growth.


In some cases, a wobbling toilet can be fixed by simply tightening the anchoring screws. It could also be a symptom of a much more serious problem such as a loose floor seal, water damage, or rot to the floor the toilet is sitting on.

High Water Bills

If you’re looking for a way to lower your water bills, replacing a traditional 3-5 gallon flush toilet with a new, more efficient 1-2 gallon low-flush toilet is a great place to start.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Replacing that old worn-out toilet with a brand-new one can enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom, boosting the value of your home.

Your 1st Choice for Toilet Repairs and Installation in Oceanside, CA

A house without a working toilet just isn’t a home. A house without a working toilet just isn’t a home. There can be several different signs that your toilet needs to be replaced, but no matter the reason, it’s best to call a professional Oceanside, CA plumber to do the job.

If you’re experiencing problems with your toilet, give 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration a call. We’ve been providing outstanding toilet repair and installation services in Oceanside, CA since 2012. Our team of licensed Oceanside, CA plumbers can repair any toilet trouble you may be experiencing; if it’s time to retire your old toilet, we can install a new one.

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