5 Signs of a Household Flood You Need to Keep an Eye Out for on Your Del Mar CA Property

July 16, 2020

5 Signs of a Household Flood You Need to Keep an Eye Out for on Your Del Mar CA Property

It’s scary to think that something bad could occur on your property at any given moment. The electricity could suddenly go out, a fire could ignite, or even a household leak or flood may start randomly.

Although 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration can’t be there for you when you have electricity problems or are dealing with a residential fire, what we can help you with is resolving a household flood and dealing with the mess after the fact.

While it’s a big sigh of relief knowing that there are companies out there who can assist you during emergencies like an indoor flood, you might still be unconfident in your ability to detect a flood or leak, and get a chance to call for help, before it gets very serious. That said, below are some signs that you might have a small household flood – or may be at risk of having one soon.

  1. You Smell Something Musty.
  2. A musty smell inside your home can only mean one thing: mold or mildew is present, which is the result of the long-term buildup of moisture. You might not be able to visibly see the mold or mildew yet, but you might already be able to smell it. For now, this may just be a tiny water leak, but it can most definitely turn into a flood if it’s not fixed soon.

  3. There Are Wet Spots Around Your Toilets, Sinks, or Tubs.
  4. Wet spots around bathtubs, toilets, or sinks can mean you have a water leak involving your plumbing system. Of course, it’s possible that the puddles you see are the result of an overflowing toilet, someone spilling a glass of water, someone splashing water from a sink, or someone being careless with getting water everywhere following a bath. However, if the water reappears after it has been wiped up, you almost certainly have a leak.

  5. Your Drywall is Damp.
  6. Drywall is normally supposed to be, well, dry. Any sign of moisture or puddling on a wall or ceiling is not a good sign as it can indicate a water leak nearby on your property. And it’s possible that your drywall may need to be replaced, even after the leak has been put to a halt.

  7. Cracks are Present on Your Foundation.
  8. It’s normal to notice a few cracks here and there on your home’s foundation. After all, cracks naturally occur as your home settles. However, for several cracks to suddenly appear or for a crack to widen drastically in a short period of time, this may mean water is leaking or puddling on your property.

  9. You Haven’t Been Too Happy with Your Recent Water Bills.
  10. High water bills can mean different things. Maybe you’ve been washing more loads more laundry lately, a family member has been taking longer showers, your family has upped their water consumption for the season, or, worse, there’s a leak or mini plumbing-related flood somewhere on your property. Time to call someone out before those bills get higher and higher!

We know; household leaks and floodings can be dangerous and expensive. With how stressful they can be, the last thing you want is for your bank account to be wiped out. Fortunately, 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood & Restoration offers affordable costs for water damage repair if such is present following a leak or flood.

Get your appointment with 1st Choice Plumbing today by calling 866-437-0205. It’s better to have the situation checked out now rather than later. Calling now can save you big bucks and significant interior damage!