5 Interesting Facts About Mold Damage in Southern California That you Didn’t Know

September 29, 2020

5 Interesting Facts About Mold Damage in Southern California That you Didn’t Know

There are a lot of things that can happen to our home that we would never expect to happen. For example, we may never think a flash fire, burglary, or even serious water damage would occur on our property. Yet, these things are more common than we think, and they can absolutely occur at any given moment, which is why it’s critical that we are not only insured but that we are aware of the consequences of these emergencies.

In the case of mold damage, this is a very serious issue that will only exasperate if not resolved shortly after it’s discovered. Speaking of which, below are some key facts that are critical to know about mold damage.

  1. Mold Causes More Wood Damage Each Year Than Fires and Termites Combined.
  2. You hear a lot about termites eating at the wood of older homes. And thanks to the rapid spread of news, you also hear a lot about flash fires and wildfires that leave significant damage or even full-blown destruction of houses and buildings. But rarely do you hear about how mold can cause permanent, serious damage of the wood features of various structures, which is far more common than the damage fires and termites cause on an annual basis.

  3. It Can Damage Your Heating and Ventilation System.
  4. Mold doesn’t just damage the wooden parts of your home’s interior or exterior, but it can also live in and damage your heating and ventilation system. If the mold is not able to be removed from your system in the form of deep cleaning, the entire system may need to be replaced.

  5. Mold Will Attack Organic Matter When Three Conditions are Present.
  6. These conditions include the right temperature, enough moisture, and of course, a source of food (e.g., carpet, ceiling tiles, or wooden baseboards). Without one of these conditions, the growth of mold will be difficult.

  7. Mold Can Also Pose Danger to Humans.
  8. Allergy-like symptoms can be triggered when in the presence of mold. In other people, it may cause upper respiratory issues. And unfortunately, it can take an average of 35 days for the toxins produced by mold just to exit your kidneys and bladder.

  9. Mold Damage is Irreversible, But Mold Can Be Deterred.
  10. The damage caused by mold is one of those things that once it has happened, there’s no restoring it to exactly the way it was prior. Wooden structures and the like may be able to be saved after they have been hit with mold. However, there’s still the mold itself and the removal of part of the structure that contained the mold damage that must be removed in order for the remediation process to take place.

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