4 Things to Avoid Doing if You Want to Avoid Mold Growth in Your Vista CA Home

August 6, 2020

4 Things to Avoid Doing if You Want to Avoid Mold Growth in Your Vista CA Home

Did you recently experience a flood or leak in your home and had mold growth as a result? You probably know how horrible mold is to deal with. It’s ugly. It stinks. It triggers allergy symptoms. You might have been worried for your family’s health during the mold situation. But, perhaps, you have it resolved and can now let out a huge sigh of relief.

Now, though, you’re probably still on edge about the whole ordeal. You know it was stressful to deal with, and getting it removed might have been a little hard on your pocket. So, never again do you want to deal with such a situation again.

It’s true that some cases of mold growth can be inevitable like, for instance, if you experience an unexpected leak or flood. However, there are some things you can do (and avoid doing) to ensure mold doesn’t happen again.

Avoid doing these things to prevent mold growth as much as possible:

  1. Ignoring the State of Your Plumbing System
  2. The older the home you live in, the more important it is to be aware of the current state of your plumbing. Is the system old and on its last leg? Are the materials used for your plumbing no longer being used today? Is there any damage present?

    Paying attention to your plumbing and repairing it as necessary, even little things like noticing that you’re experiencing frequent drain clogs all of a sudden, can help you avoid a possible water leak due to, say, a pipe burst. If such a plumbing event can be avoided, you may also be able to avoid mold growth in your home.

  3. Putting Away Items While They’re Wet
  4. It should be common sense to not put things away if they’re wet or moist. However, that isn’t the case. Even many adults aren’t aware that proper, thorough airdrying is in order before items are stored. Placing wet items in storage, especially if storage is dark and warm, can most definitely lead to mold or mildew growth in no time.

  5. Failing to Provide Proper Ventilation in Your Home
  6. Are you using exhaust fans when taking a shower or cooking? Do you have proper air circulation in your home at all? If not, the ventilation may be poor in your home. As a result, your home may be a great habitat for mold.

  7. Waiting to Call a Professional Out to Repair a Minor Water Leak
  8. You’ve experienced a minor water leak, eh? Even smaller leaks should be repaired in a timely manner. It may not necessarily be urgent, much less an emergency, but it is something you should have tended to at your earliest convenience so that the water accumulation doesn’t end up triggering mold.

Mold growth is a suck-y thing to deal with. If you’re experiencing it right now or want to check to verify that your home is mold-free, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration today at 866-437-0205. If you’re new with us, you can take advantage of 5% off your first service appointment!