4 Spots Mold Loves in Escondido CA

August 17, 2021

4 Spots Mold Loves in Escondido CA

It’s hard to picture yourself living in a home that contains mold. Upon quick inspection, you might not see a speck of this disturbing substance. “Whew,” you think. But unfortunately, mold likes to lurk in places that you wouldn’t expect it to be in. However, once you realize why mold loves these places, it makes perfect sense why all homeowners should be scoping these places to look for existing mold, and if not, to be extra careful to ensure mold doesn’t later show up.

Here are some of the many common spots mold is found in insides Escondido, CA homes:

  1. In the Shower or Bathtub
  2. You might think your shower or bathtub is one of the cleanest places in your house because water and soap are consistently being used when you are using your bath or shower. Of course, they can also be one of the dirtiest if we don’t regularly scrub and clean our shower or tub every now and then. Another concern regarding the cleanliness of these places? Potential mold. Why? Extra humidity and moisture, of course!

  3. Under the Kitchen Sink
  4. It’s all too common for the kitchen sink, one of the main sinks we use in our house, to leak. And when it leaks, we may have zero idea that it’s doing such a thing from the get-go. It might not be until we get a higher water bill, damp cabinetry, small puddles on the floor, or a musky smell in the kitchen that we may begin to investigate. With excess water coming from your leaky kitchen sink and with the darkness this area presents, this makes for the perfect spot for mold to grow.

  5. Windows and Windowsills
  6. Did you know that windows and windowsills are prone to coming in contact with condensation and humidity? Even with a decent seal, your indoor windowsill might find itself in contact with moisture coming from the outdoors.

  7. The Attic or Basement
  8. How often do you go in your attic or basement? These, too, are great spots for mold to grow. For instance, nearby vents, improper insulation, proximity to your furnace or water heater, or a roof leak can bring excess moisture into your attic, and next thing you know, you’re dealing with mold growth. As for common causes of mold growth in basements, this might revolve around proximity to your pump sump, windows or vents that are prone to condensation, leaky foundation, or pipe or ductwork damage within your basement space. No fun!

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