4 Facts About Water Damage in Solana Beach CA that You Need to Know

August 27, 2020

There is a lot people know in regards to what water damage entails. Many people are aware that this tends to be an urgent issue, that, if not taken care of shortly after it occurs, can be very damaging to a home or building and can cost a significant amount of money to resolve.

You know this about water damage already. However, there may still be some things you have yet to learn about this unfortunate occurrence, such as:

  1. Mold Can Surface Sooner Than a Day.
  2. Yes, it’s true: mold can appear in under 24 hours! This is why it’s so critical to ensure water is properly cleaned up, and that the source of the water is handled, to ensure your home isn’t the perfect environment for this nasty substance to growth and multiply. It’s simply not safe for your family – nor is it very pretty to have growing in your house.

  3. Even When the Water is Cleaned Up, Water Damage Can Still Occur.
  4. The water itself isn’t the only thing that can contribute to expensive damage in your home. The moisture in the air and dampness present on surfaces of your goods, two things that you can’t see, are other concerns that can trigger water damage. This is why our 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration team urges the use of fans and dehumidifiers to truly help resolve a flood or leak in the home.

  5. A Minor Water Leak Can Raise Your Utility Bill by Approximately 10%.
  6. Even if you don’t think your water leak is a big problem upfront, it may be apparent on your next water bill. Tiny dribbles of water here and there can most definitely rack up that bill of yours, and you’ll have wished you would have tended to the leak sooner. Apart from money, wasted water is never a good thing.

  7. Even Tiny Leaks and Floods Can Lead to Catastrophes.
  8. Many homeowners believe a little water-related incident can’t cause too much trouble. While it’s true that initially it may not be as serious as a bigger incident, it can absolutely turn into something more major – and much quicker than you think.

Our water damage technicians have seen little leaks turn into large leaks and, in turn, contribute to some pretty major issues from warped flooring to mold growth on walls. Don’t wait for the issue to get worse before you get it fixed.

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