3 Signs Your Home May Have a Water Leak in Encinitas CA

June 18, 2020
3 Signs Your Home May Have a Water Leak in Encinitas CA

Water droplets leaking in bucket from ceiling, damaged roof, house renovation

Believe us when we say water leaks suck. Not only do they suck in terms of being annoying and destructive, but they’re also quite sneaky. Sometimes you don’t know you have a water leak until you notice the following signs and realize that something just isn’t right:

  1. Your Water Meter is Malfunctioning.

Do you suspect a water leak in your house? One way to test that theory is to turn off the water to your home. Check your water meter. Is it moving right after you shut off the water? If your answer is yes, it seems that you might have a water leak on hand and probably a pretty serious one, too.

However, if the meter doesn’t move aggressively after the water is off, but you check the meter again in a few hours while the water is still turned off, and it’s moving, there could be a minor leak somewhere on your property.

  1. You’re Struggling to Pay Your Water Bill.

Water bills can definitely fluctuate – yes. But, no, they shouldn’t suddenly be much higher than previous months. In the case that you’re noticing very high water bills lately, and you know for a fact that your household’s water usage has not changed much, this is a strong indicator of a water leak.

After all, when there’s a leak somewhere on your property, it wastes a lot of water. The worse the leak, the higher your water bill will be. And the longer the leak persists without being resolved, the longer you’ll have to deal with high water bills.

  1. You’re Noticing the Growth of Mold or Mildew.

Probably one of the more obvious signs that you’ve got a potential water leak going on is seeing mold or mildew growing inside your residence. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s hard to miss. Of course, mold and mildew can grow for other reasons besides a water leak – like due to poor ventilation, persistent humidity, or even wet or damp clothing/towels lying around the house. But other times, that microbial growth is due to a plumbing-related water leak.

In a case such as this, 1st Choice Plumbing, Flood and Restoration can handle both the source of the leak as well as the clean-up of the mold growth. We can handle it all! Our team is competent when it comes to confirming that a home or building does in fact have a leak on site, finding where the leak is coming from, putting a stop to the leak, and then providing a thorough inspection and remediation process to ensure your home is back to normal after the leak.

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