3 Common Ways to Search for a Water Leak in Escondido CA

October 29, 2020

3 Common Ways to Search for a Water Leak in Escondido CA

So, you’ve noticed a bit (or maybe more than a bit) of water somewhere in your home. You’ve tried wiping it up, but it returned. You wiped it up again, and what do you know? It came back again! Not only is there no use trying to clean it up once more since it’s just going to keep coming back, but it’s important that you know exactly why it keeps returning. No, the water fairy isn’t plopping giant drops of water inside your home and taking off; there’s an issue somewhere in your home.

If you’ve noticed signs of a water leak but can’t quite figure out where it’s coming from, try the following three simple methods.

Check Your Appliances and Fixtures

Some of the most common reasons for a water leak on a property all comes down to an issue with appliances or fixtures. Is the water from the leak surrounding your bathtub? Or maybe it’s underneath your water heater or washing machine or even lingering under your kitchen cabinets near the sink.

Checking these areas of your home is important as it can give you clear hints as to where the source of the leak might be coming from. Then from there, it will be easier to find a solution.

Investigate Your Toilets

If it’s not your appliances or fixtures that appear to be the problem, it’s possible that your toilet may be having trouble.

As a little test, place a few drops of food coloring in the tank of all toilets on your property. In the case that there’s a tank leak in one of your toilets, you’ll notice the food coloring appearing in the bowl of the toilet in five minutes or sooner. At that point, you know it’s your toilet that’s the problem.

Use Your Senses

So, you checked each of your toilets. All seems well as the food coloring test failed. What next? Well, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for dampness around your home, soft spots on walls, swelling of wood on your property, and bubbling paint on walls or distorted wallpaper. Also be on the hunt for a musty smell and sounds of dripping water. These signs of water damage are key hints as to where the water might be coming from and, thus, what the underlying issue might be.

While there are many ways to be on the lookout for a water leak, sometimes it’s best to leave it to a professional who already knows exactly where to look to spot such leaks. When you hire a water leak expert, they’ll find your leak in no time and tend to the situation swiftly. Then you’ll be good as new!

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